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About Us

About Us

About Us

Welcome to Alignment Rockford! Alignment Rockford is a public school support organization.
We employ a process to design and pilot tactical solutions in areas
of greatest strategic need for Rockford Public Schools.


Alignment Rockford envisions all students graduating from high school with marketable employment skills or enrolling in post-secondary education. They are eager to live, work, learn, create, and play in the Rockford Region as contributing adults.

Collective Impact

Collective impact is a centralized infrastructure, a dedicated staff, and a structured process that leads to a common agenda, shared measurement, continuous communication and mutually reinforcing activities among all participants.

Operational Principles

Enable children to succeed
Align with the school district’s strategic priorities
Design solutions focusing on high-yield challenges
Solve complex problems
Work of serving public schools is generational


All Alignment teams form in response to a request made by RPS205. All teams are chaired by a school district administrator and vice chaired by a community leader. Each team follows the same process cycle, and each phase is comprised of multiple steps. Click here to view the Alignment Process. 

“A stronger economy means a better quality of life for everyone. Rockford Public Schools and hundreds of community volunteers are ALL IN for success. Together, we’re changing the future, and we need you.”