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Connected Families

Single Point Of Entry

Alignment Rockford’s creation of the Connected Families Team upholds the Healthy Starts mission of serving families with children 0-5 years. The Single Point of Entry is one tactic of Healthy Starts.

Rockford Area Case Managers realized that the needs of their clients were not always being met with ease. Alignment Rockford bought a team together to find Single Point of Entries for human resources and services within the Rockford area.

Having these services in one place would allow case managers to easily refer clients to the services they needed, removing the unnecessary time spent finding a contact. 

The Single Point of Entry (SPOE) organizations were put on a card that case managers can either reference or give to a client seeking for resources.

Phase II:

The card format was Phase I of this initiative and met all outcomes set by the team.

In the Phase II of SPOE, the team will create a digital version of the SPOE card. In addition to a website that anyone can use, this version will be be piloted at 1-3 high-volume, high-need locations in the form of kiosks or iPads in which families will seek their own services and provide release of information without the need for utilizing pilot location manpower or case manager services. 

Phase II is being implemented now! Come back for the results! 

0 %
of case managers surveyed reported an increased awareness of how to successfully refer families for services listed on the SPOE card.
0 %
of case managers reported using the SPOE card.

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