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Curriculum Design Support

Alignment Rockford are not experts in school curriculum. So, we needed to bring some teachers to the table to better connect curriculum to real student life experiences. Teachers and community members make up this team, and discuss how to accomplish this goal while Alignment Rockford facilitates. Here’s what it looks like:

Where we come in: Engaging Parents/Guardians and Community

Currently, the Curriculum Design Support Team is working on the first stage of the Alignment Process – the Tactical Plan. Their pilot will soon consist of Essential Learning Outcomes (ELO) within an RPS grade level school, with the intention of a scale-up, to offer all such framework for all grade levels and content areas. The proposed framework will provide teachers a menu of options that offer equitable community engagement experiences for all students. These experiences link to curriculum standards and essential learning outcomes while providing relevancy to college, career, and life. 

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