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There is 1 more date for the Job Shadow Pilot!

March 20

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The Job Shadow Pilot

On November 28, 2018, Alignment Rockford launched their Job Shadow Pilot. Industry partners in the Rockford area provided a 4-hour job shadow for East High School Juniors. Within these sites, students had hands-on, real-world experiences in their desired career field. The job shadow is meant to help a student make a connection between school and work and instill career aspirations, which research suggests contribute to a high percentage of students graduating. Job shadows are one component of the robust work-based learning continuum of experiences that the College and Career Academies of Rockford are designed to offer student’s throughout their high school education.

Thank you to all our site hosts for a successful first run!

Educators of Beauty
Rock Valley College
Rockford Park District
Rockford Police Department
Schmeling Construction
Superior Joining Technologies
Collins Aerospace (UTC Aerospace Systems)
Van Matre

Student Survey Results

0 %
enjoyed the job shadow
0 %
learned how to prepare for a career in their chosen field
0 %
Reaffirmed or changed their career based on this experience
0 %
understand more about their career after the experience

Mentor Survey Results

0 %
found the job shadow experience to be valuable to themselves and students
0 %
would be interested in supporting a student internship as a next step

Why Job Shadow?

Effective job shadow programs are one way to provide the link between school and the workplace. A recent Junior Achievement Report connected the following benefits to job shadow experiences:

  • 98% of students agreed that doing well in school helps them achieve career goals. 
  • 90% of students felt the Job Shadow experience made them more aware of career options. 
  • 88% of students felt that participating in Job Shadow made them realize the importance of staying in school. 

Between 2006 and 2007, students were about 10 minutes more likely to drop out of high school compared to high-income students. This doesn’t mean that students can’t pass class. Many students with passing grades drop out of school because they are bored and unable to comprehend the connection between classroom success and getting a good job. 

Job Shadowing links schools and businesses by providing students with an opportunity to spend time in a real workplace. Spending time at a work site can help change students’ attitudes about school and about their future.

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