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Open ITPs(TM)

What is an ITP™?

Each Alignment Rockford Alignment Team is charged with developing a Tactical Plan that engages a wide range of community organizations in an effort to improve outcomes for Rockford’s children and youth. Once the Tactical Plan is developed, the Alignment Team then issues an Invitation to Participate™ or ITP™, which describes resources that are needed from the community. Community organizations are asked to respond to the ITP if they would like to be part of the collaboration. ITP™ responses are reviewed by teams during bi-weekly or monthly meetings. 

Once your organization is registered, take a few minutes to review the ITP™ listings below. If your organization would like to participate in one or more of these collaborative initiatives, please follow the instructions included in the ITP™ and submit your response. You will be contacted by either AR staff or an A-Team member once the Alignment Team has reviewed your response.

Submission Requirements

  • Organizations who submit a proposal in response to an ITP™ must agree to the following statements of intent and conditions:
  • This will be a collaborative effort. To achieve the goals of AR, organizations will need to work together to provide services.
  • While there are currently no financial resources to support the effort in the short-term, AR intends to seek significant resources to support successful models for collaboration and delivery.
  • Your organization may need to redirect resources, personnel and otherwise, to participate in the initiative.
  • Alignment Rockford has a small staff and is also supported by leadership from RPS205. These resources will be used where feasible to support your efforts.
  • Your organization agrees to report resources contributed to committee work quarterly, using AR forms and processes.
  • Your organization will be asked to provide process and output information (i.e. services actually provided, number of students served, student demographics, sites, etc.) on an annual basis.

Open ITPs™

We don’t have any open ITPs right now! Come back later or sign up for our emails to get ITP alerts! To read more on the Academy Expo, click here

The Capstone initiative is underway! Students are currently working on their capstone projects. If you’d like to be involved in the discussion panel at the end of the capstone projects, click here. To learn more about the Capstone Initiative, click here.  

Our Connected Families team is a subcommittee of the Healthy Starts Team that works to provide resources for families with children from 0-5 years. The Single Point of Entry tactic is in its second phase. The team is looking for people who might be interested in hosting a kiosk for a website that families can find the contact information for resources they need in the Rockford area. If you are interested in becoming a site host, please contact us! For more information on the SPOE initiative, click here

The Curriculum Design Team seeks community members to assist RPS 205 in developing real-world, relevant learning experiences to enhance the curriculum. This pilot is specifically seeking community partners to share perspective in how Rockford makes a living in both past and present, and how the community is working to improve Rockford. The goal of the pilot is to create integrated learning experiences connecting math and literacy skills, benefiting roughly 1,800 3rd grade students. If you are interested in registering to be involved with Curriculum Design, click here. To learn more about the initiative, click here

Our Job Shadow Team asked industry partners in the Rockford area to provide a 4-hour job shadow experience for East High School Students. We are implementing the pilot phase now! If you’d like to host a job shadow for the next date, click here. If you’d like to learn more about the Job Shadow Initiative, click here.

Our Stay-N-Play Team is a subcommittee of the Healthy Starts Team that works to provide resources for families with children from 0-5 years. Like Connected Families, the Stay-N-Play initiative is in its second phase of implementation. Right now, providers are working with families from The Grove and Fairgrounds housing facilities to provide playtime sessions that encourage parent/child interaction. If you’d like to know more about Phase II of the Stay-N-Play Pilot, click here.

Why Get Involved?

Benefits to Participating Organizations

Participation in the Alignment Rockford Collaborative Process for Community Engagement provides organizations with the following benefits:

  • Improvements in outcomes for all Rockford Public Schools’ children, particularly those who need additional support to realize their potential.
  • Opportunities to contribute in areas in which you have specific skills and capacities.
  • Opportunities for collaboration and for building individual agency capacity.
  • Data and measurable results to support outcome reporting to funding agencies.
  • The opportunity to be a partner with a city-wide initiative to redesign, elevate, and increase the effectiveness of the delivery of services to Rockford Public Schools’ children.
  • The ability to work directly with Rockford Public Schools (RPS), and to establish a strong relationship with key administrators and teachers.
  • The opportunity to receive matching funds through grant requests by AR to foundations and other sources of support.
  • Your organization’s contribution of resources to the work of AR will enhance your potential to be a recipient of related funding.